Carnegie Design Studio


The Carnegie Design Studio, directed by Professor Jeffrey Siewerdsen and Doctor Jean-Paul Wolinsky, is a sister facility of the Clark Design Studio on the Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus located in the heart of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and offers access to state-of-the-art technologies in 3D printing, machining, computing, robotics, and various imaging tools.

The design studio is brought to life to facilitate easier communication between the School of Engineering and School of Medicine, and is specifically accessible to the students of the CBID (Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design) program.

Design Studio Access

In order to gain access to the Design Studio, you first need to have a valid (non-expired) hospital badge. To renew or obtain your hospital card, please visit the registrar’s office. (Further instructions available online here).

You also need to contact the design studio’s director, Dr. Siewerdsen (contact info below) to have your swipe card access granted. This will enable 9 AM – 5 PM access to the design studio.

Business Hours:    Mon-Fri, 9 AM – 5 PM

Contact info:           Jeffrey Siewerdsen, Ph.D. FAAPM
Phone: 443-287-6269

Design Studio Calendar

In order to use the design studio, you need to book your meeting on the Google Calendar below and email Dr. Manbachi with a heads up about your event.